Friday 23 February 2024

City Hall
Sheffield, UK
April 17th 1980

Remastered Radio Hallam FM Broadcast.
I saw them the following two nights and thought they were cack.

Disc 1
01 intro/Deep in the Motherlode
02 Dancing with the Moonlit Knight/Carpet Crawl
03 Squonk
04 One for the Vine
05 Behind the Lines/Duchess/Guide Vocal
06 Turn It On Again
07 Duke's Travels/Duke's End

Disc 2
01 Say It's Alright Joe
02 The Lady Lies
03 Ripples
04 In the Cage/Slippermen/Afterglow
05 Follow You, Follow Me
06 Dance on a Volcano/drum duet/Los Endos
07 I Know What I Like/outro


  1. i saw them two consecutive nights on that tour as well; first in a 3000seat theater, then at madison square garden in the nosebleeds...i'd only caught onto them through ATTWT and seconds out. alas, the worst was yet to come (though the 82 tour - and a complete supper's ready/lamb and watcher encores - was pretty good - if one could tolerate what phil had already become).
    thanks for this...mikeL

  2. Duke was my last purchase. I really didn't like it. I'm a bit more open to it now

  3. Same for me. Still a nice concert but far from the excellence of Seconds Out. After this, I couldn't dance anymore to their music.

    1. Cage/Slippermen is good on this recording. It has some spirit. They were never the same without Hackett

  4. The King of Prussia23 February 2024 at 21:42

    I saw Steve Hackett at the same venue the previous year, and was at this one. Seen Steve numerous times over the decades. Never bothered with Genesis again.