Wednesday 17 April 2024

County Coliseum
El Paso, TX
May 23rd 1975

My remaster of this somewhat odd bootleg.
By odd, I am refering to the wealth of bonus material.
We get the bulk of the El Paso show
(itself, I suspect, compiled from different sources)
plus various other sound quality varies throughout.
The 73 recording is, arguably, the weakest
although it is notable for Irma Coffee's contribution.
I hope my reworking is a modest upgrade.
Overall I'd give it a solid medium plus.
Music/performance, however, is excellent
and exactly what you would want/expect from mid 70s FZ.

Disc 1
01 intro/Bongo Fury Initial
02 Apostrophe/band intros
03 Stink-Foot
04 I'm Not Satisfied
05 Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy
06 Velvet Sunrise
07 A Pound for a Brown on the Bus
08 Jimmy Carl Black intro/You're So Fine
09 Lonely, Lonely Nights
10 Debra Kadabra
11 Montana
12 Strange Things

Disc 2
01 Advance Romance
02 Florentine Pogen
03 200 Years Old (Outtake) (extended version)
04 Orange Claw Hammer (Outtake)
05 ReDuNZL (Outtake)
06 Camarillo Brillo
07 Muffin Man
08 Let's Make the Water Turn Black
09 Willie the Pimp
10 Pygmy Twylyte/Dummy Up
11 The Singing Lesson
12 Dupree's Paradise

101 - 202 County Coliseum, El Paso, May 23rd 1975 
203 unedited version of the track from Bongo Fury
204 live in the studio 1975 (Zappa/Beefheart)
205 longer edit of the Lost Episodes version
206 - 209 Music Hall, Boston, April 27th 1975
210 - 212 William Patterson College, Wayne, NJ
November 11th 1973 (with Irma Coffee on vocals)

Monday 15 April 2024

Circus Brimstone
Colos Saal
Aschaffenburg, Germany
April 5th 2005

Reposted from May 2020 as part of Swedish month on TLD.

Circus Brimstone was a short lived side project of The Flower Kings.
Working as a four piece (Hasse Froberg furloughed)
they played instrumental versions of TFK songs.
Stunning stuff.
Another of my dodgy remasters.

-set 1-
01. Magic Circus of Zeb
02. Shipbuilding
03. The Horses From Zaad
04. The Man Who Walked With Kings
05. Improvisation
06. Circus Brimstone (with Lady Madonna excerpt)
07. Jonas Solo
08. The Rainmaker

-set 2-
09. Astral Dog/Crimson Dog Jam
10. Where the Earth Meets the Sky
11. Surjämten
12. Speed Wizard
13. Cosmic Lodge
14. Retropolis

Sunday 14 April 2024

Tonkraft 1975-76
Levande Musik Från Sverige
(Live Music From Sweden)

The second in the series of these Swedish compilations.
Ripped and remastered in glorious mp3 format.
Numerous clicks and pops were removed.
I want Steely Dan fans to try Ton Kraft.
I'd add "and vice versa"
but I suspect by the time you're mainlining Ton Kraft
you've already decided if you like Steely Dan or not.
This album is brilliant and all I know of these artists.
There are many I'd like to research further.

Den andra i raden av dessa svenska samlingar.
Rippad och remastrad i härligt mp3-format.
Många klick och poppar togs bort.
Jag vill att Steely Dan-fans ska prova Ton Kraft.
Jag skulle lägga till "och vice versa"
men jag misstänker när du håller på med Ton Kraft
du har redan bestämt dig för om du gillar Steely Dan eller inte.
Det här albumet är lysande och allt jag vet om dessa artister.
Det finns många jag skulle vilja forska vidare på.

01 John Holm – Svarte Kungen
02 Kolossos Sandaler – Fantomen Kräks
03 Norrbottens Järn – Jag Och Du
04 Doggers Bankar – Ska Vi Ta En Promenad
05 Omlopp – Om Du Visste
06 Första Förband – Venceremos - Vi Skall Segra
07 Fläsket Brinner – Barbarella
08 Elda Med Höns – Masrallyt
09 Östan Sol, Västan Måne – Galadriels Sång
10 Eldkvarn – Holberg Hotel
11 Kornet – Lyrisk Olåt
12 Vargavinter – Melodier Från Kina
13 Kjell Höglund – Jag Hör Hur Dom Ligger
Med Varandra I Våningen Ovanför
14 Iskra – Amadinda
15 Guran – Diamant Och Tjusigt Glitter
16 Trettioåriga Kriget – Mina Löjen
17 Kapten Krok – Positifvisa
18 Resa– Umbare Dingao

Saturday 13 April 2024

Crossroads Festival
Bonn, Germany
March 8th 2005

Remastered mp3 audio I ripped from a video/webcast.
Top quality sound and performance.
Ex-Genesis crooner, Ray Wilson, pops up to sing a couple of songs.

01 Start the Fire
02 Who Do You Think We Are?
03 Gentle Art of Swimming
04 Roses *
05 Not About Us *
06 Wasted Land
07 Crazy Lane
08 Day on My Pillow
09 Trying to Kiss the Sun
10 Hole in the Sky (parts 1-3)
* with Ray Wilson

Friday 12 April 2024

Nature with Dave Greenslade
Tonkraft (Swedish radio)
Legendary Swedish Radio Archives vol. 2

Slightly remastered mp3 FM.
Swedish blues band Nature team up with Dave Greenslade
who, I guess, was between jobs having left Colosseum.
He formed the band Greenslade after this.
A real treat for any fan of Dave's distinctive keyboard style.
The band are no slouches either.

01 Dreams
02 Mr. Monroe
03 How Sweet I Roam from Field to Field
04 Valentines Suite
05 Stormy Monday

Wednesday 10 April 2024

Pat Travers Band
Los Angeles Sports Arena
July 26th 1981
Westwood One broadcast

Remastered FM broadcast.
Only 25 minutes but pretty good quality.

01 intro/New Age Music
02 Crash and Burn
03 Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)
04 blues/Snortin' Whiskey/outro

Monday 8 April 2024

Ton Kraft 1972-74
Levande Musik Från Sverige
(Live Music From Sweden)

A slightly remastered mp3 vinyl rip.
This is a compilation of live broadcasts.
It's an eclectic mix of styles: blues/folk/jazz/progg.
I'm into Samlas and Kebnekaise but it's safe to say
this is obscure stuff even to a Svensk progg-head like me.
Although I do have a copy of the Svenska Löd AB! album somewhere.
I wonder if any of these guys are household names in Sweden?
Is Peter Yogurt Swedish culture?
Poor Dad jokes aside...I really like the Peter Yogurt track.
It reminds me of Colosseum/Barbara Thompson.
Can't find any info on him/them?
Svenska kommentarer är alltid välkomna.
Jag skulle vara intresserad av att höra dina åsikter.

Disc 1
01 Peps Blues Band - Dags Å Välja Sida
02 Pugh & Nature - Stinsen I Bro
03 Hoola Bandoola Band - Danslåt För Yttrandefriheten
04 Trotsålderns Barn - Ingen Av Oss
05 Södra Bergens Balalaikor - Den Lilla Björken
06 Mikael Ramel & Unga Hjärtan - Farfars Rock
07 Kebnekaise - Comanche Spring

Disc 2
01 Solar Plexus - Vad Skall Ni Göra Då?
02 Plus Gäster - I Hadkaret
03 Blå Tåget - I Hajars Djupa Vatten
04 Samla Mammas Manna - Frestelsens Café
05 Svenska Löd AB! - Underhuggaren
06 Mount Everest - Lars Morsa
07 Berits Halsband - Peter Yogurt

Sunday 7 April 2024

Blue Öyster Cult
Swap Meet
Santa Fe Springs, CA
October 14th 2023

Extensively remastered audience recording.
Can't believe I spend so much time on this shit.
It's another of those US open-air jobs so don't expect great sound quality.
File under: For Fans Only.
It suffers from the usual wind/people milling about issues
which causes the sound to fluctuate.
It has it's positives though.
Cagey Cretins gets a rare outing and the crowd are generally inobtrusive.^
I think a swap meet is where Americans go to swap things.
Auto parts and wives?
^ I prefer inobtrusive to unobtrusive or non-intrusive
due to my classical upbringing. 
Fuck off Ed. I'm kultured me.

Disc 1
1 The Red and the Black
2 Before the Kiss (A Redcap)
3 Dancin' in the Ruins
4 The Golden Age of Leather
5 That Was Me
6 Burnin' for You
7 Cagey Cretins
8 Harvest Moon

Disc 2
1 Buck's Boogie
2 Tainted Blood
3 Then Came the Last Days of May
4 Godzilla
5 Buck's Noodle/(Don't Fear) The Reaper
6 Harvester of Eyes
7 Hot Rails to Hell

Steely Dan
Tweeter Center
Mansfield, MA
August 27th 2006

Remastered soundboard.
Perhaps not quite as good as some of the other Steely Dan soundboards
but still a very enjoyable listen.
There was a cut in Don't Take Me Alive which I have patched.
It's during a vocal so there was only so much I could do with that.

Disc 1
01 Turtle Talk
02 Bodhisattva
03 Time Out of Mind
04 Aja
05 Hey Nineteen
06 Josie
07 Home at Last
08 Black Friday
09 Chain Lightning

Disc 2
01 Green Earrings
02 Dirty Work
03 Show Biz Kids
04 Do it Again
05 Peg
06 Don't Take Me Alive
07 Kid Charlemagne
08 FM (No Static at All)
09 My Old School

Saturday 6 April 2024

Aula Gymnasium
Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
January 21st 1973

Remastered soundboard from the Wintrup era.
The sound quality varies on this one
but early Kraan is worth preserving.

01 Backs
02 Head
03 M.C.Escher
04 Kraan Arabia/Airbass

Beat Club
Episode 52
February 28th 1970

Don't like the Jackie Lomax song.
Otherwise this is a good episode.

Badfinger - Rock of All Ages
Taste - If the Day Was Any Longer
Bobbie Gentry - Louisiana Man
Clouds - Big Noise from Winnetka
Atomic Rooster - S.L.Y.
Jackie Lomax - How the Web Was Woven
Badfinger - Come and Get It
Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant Massacree
Joe Cocker - Dear Landlord
Jethro Tull - The Witches Promise

Friday 5 April 2024

Samla Mammas Manna
Storesal, Chateau Neuf
Oslo, Norway 1974 

This is a new remaster of an off-the-shelf CD.
The original remaster from donkey's years ago
seems to have become the go-to version as I see it everywhere.
I think this remaster has a more rounded sound.
April är svensk månad på TLD

1 Frestelsens Café
2 Folkvisa I Morse
3 'Kebnekajse'
4 Musmjölkningsmaskinen
5 Släde Till Satori
6 Lyckliga Titanic
7 Lawrence In Sahara
8 Dundrets Fröjder
9 Liten Dialektik

Theme Time Radio Hour
Episode 19

This week's theme is, that blackest of tomes,
...the Bible.

Thursday 4 April 2024

Tonkraft (Swedish radio)
Legendary Swedish Radio Archives vol. 3
May 11th 1977

Dice were a short-lived keyboard-driven Swedish prog/progg outfit.
All instrumental with some nice parts and lashings of Tron.
It'a bit 'spot-the-influences' at times.
(big King Crimson rip-offs during Döden for instance)
I toyed with moving all the interview sections to the end
as it's a bit hard-going if you don't speak Swedish
but decided to leave it as broadcast.
...det är vad det är

01 Kriget (War)
02 interview 1
03 Sjukdomen (Disease)
04 interview 2
05 Begäret (Greed)
06 interview 3
07 Döden (Death)
08 interview 4
09 Annika
10 interview 5
11 The Venetian Bargain

Hiromi: The Trio Project
Jazz Club & Restaurant
Minneapolis, MN
November 5th 2014

Remasterd audince recording.
Hiromi's piano is a bit low in the mix and her two delicate solo pieces were very quiet.
I boosted them but only slightly as you just end up with lots of hiss.
The crowd are well behaved however so it's quite clean.

Disc 1
01 Warrior
02 Player
03 Dreamer
04 Margarita!

Disc 2
01 Firefly
02 Flashback
03 Move
04 Endeavor

Disc 3
01 Wanderer
02 Seeker
03 Place to Be
04 Alive
05 Life Goes On

Zamla Mammaz Manna
Stockholm, Sweden
March 21st 1979

Remastered mp3 FM broadcast.
No Hasse Bruniusson or Coste Apetrea in this line-up
which I assume is why Lars altered the band name.
Ödet is one of my favourite Samla/Zamla tunes.
Great stereo separation on this recording
with Eino Haapala's guitar in the right channel
and Lars Hollmer's keyboards/accordian in the left.

01 Ikarien
02 Buttonless (Knapplösa)
03 Proffession (är Amatörens Lim)
04 The Farmhand (Drängen)
05 improv/Tredje Rumänen
/Ryssland Island (Varför Är Väl Inge Å Va Rädd För)
06 The Fate (Ödet)

Tuesday 2 April 2024

Martin Orford
Dutch Progressive Rock Stage Festival
Bussum, Netherlands
March 21st 1998

Remastered soundboard.
The prog ivory-basher performing a solo set opening for Quidam.
Martin was a founding member of IQ.
He has also worked with Jadis, John Wetton and Big Big Train.

01 My Baby Treats Me Right 'cause I'm a Hard Loving Man All Night Long
02 No Love Lost (IQ)
03 Subterranea (IQ)
04 Quilmes
05 Last Human Gateway (middle section) (IQ)
06 A Life is All You Need (Jadis)
07 Speak My Name (IQ)
08 Amstel
09 Further Away/Leap of Faith/Came Down (IQ)
10 Laid Low/It All Stops Here (IQ)

Pat Travers Band
Studio L
Koln. Germany
November 4th 1976

An mp4 copy of this brilliant show
with future Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain
and, the wonderful, Mars Cowling on bass.
Saw him for three quid in 1980.


As My Life Flies
Stop and Smile
Hooked on Music
Feelin' Right
Need Love
You don't Love Me
Statesboro' Blues
Medley 1 & 2
Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)
Rock and Roll Susie
Makes No Difference

Sunday 31 March 2024

Dortmund, Germany
December 8th 1978

Very good quality mp4 footage of the Grobs at the height of their game.
Solar Music was my first Grobschnitt album.
I bought it in 1978 because I thought they looked like Hawkwind.

01 Vater Schmidts Wandertag
02 Come on People
03 Solar Music

Polskie Radio
Music Studio Agnieszka Osiecka
Warsaw, Poland
May 26th 2002

Remastered mp3 FM  broadcast.
I took the audio from a video file
but I promise the sound quality is excellent with only one brief
radio-host comment during the intro the the last track.
Another fine Polish band who weave a mesmerising tapestry.

01 List z Pustyni I
02 Jestez/You Are (in the Labyrinth of Thoughts)
03 Plone/Wesoła
04 Nowe Imię
05 Kozolec (dla AgaPe)
06 Credo
07 Pod Niebem Czas
08 No Quarter
09 Pod Powieką