Thursday, 22 April 2021

The Flower Kings
(appearing as Circus Brimstone)
Hamburg, Germany
March 31st 2005

Another gig from the all-instrumental 2005 shows.
This is a remastered audience recording.
Some chatty Hamburgers but mostly they are drowned out.
Marcus Liliequist, Tomas Bodin and Jonas Reingold
are on such good form they almost overshadow head-boy Roine Stolt.
Stolt retreats to a nearby hummock and launches into a shuffle.
(Zappa heads only)

Disc 1
01 intro
02 The Magic Circus of Zeb
03 Shipbuilding
04 The Horses From Zaad
05 The Man Who Walked With Kings
06 Circus Brimstone
07 drum & bass
08 Speed Wizard

Disc 2
01 Retropolis/Surjämten
02 The Rainmaker
03 Astral Dog
04 Where the Earth Meets the Sky
05 Cosmic Lodge

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